Who we are and Why Pacha

Pacha is a hybrid social enterprise, composed of two forprofit organizations in US and Ecuador; and a non-profit organization in Ecuador. We are a group of people with varying professional backgrounds that have come together with one sole objective and goal: create a more equal relationship between farmers and businesses through sustainable development projects that do not lose sight of human’s relationship with nature. While forming our business and coming up with a name, it was important that our name represented this desire, in order to not only demonstrate our philosophy, but also as a constant reminder of the bigger picture that we are working towards.



​Pacha is a Kichwa word that is most commonly thought to mean Earth or world. However, it really means much more than that according to ancient Inca and Kichwa tradition. More so, it is the relationship between time and space and all that stands within that. Nature, the universe, and our existence in time and space are all connected and ever flowing.

Fundación Pacha

We promote economic, social and environmental development through a sustainable vision for the inclusion of indigenous farmers and small farmers in the economic system.

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Pacha is a social impact project. We work together with indigenous farmers and small farmers to create a new business/farmer relationship and experience. Kristina and Paul