About us

Pacha is a hybrid social enterprise that is composed of two for-profit organizations (Pacha LLC in the United States and Pacha Nashua in Ecuador) and a non-profit organization in Ecuador (Fundación Pacha). Our goal is to create a more equal relationship between small farmers and businesses through sustainable development projects that do not lose sight of human’s relationship with nature.


Pacha is a Kichwa word that is most commonly thought to mean Earth or world. However, it really means much more than that according to ancient Inca and Kichwa tradition. More so, it is the relationship between time and space and all that stands within that. Nature, the universe, and our existence in time and space are all connected and ever-flowing.
PACHA sources guayusa from small indigenous farmers and brings it to international markets through a fair value chain. We seek to improve the livelihoods of the communities we work with, while promoting the preservation of the Rainforest for future generations.


Fundación Pacha, our non-profit partner, works closely with farmers through providing assistance and support in areas such as training and aid in fair trade and organic farming as well as through reforestation and social initiatives.

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