Guayusa, as an economic alternative, has shown to reduce the impacts of deforestation. Planting guayusa in agroforestry systems (chakras) maintains soil quality, allowing better development of plants, as well as a healthier ecosystem.We solely purchase organically farmed guayusa leaves, which adds to the environmental benefits of guayusa. Being organic means that plants, animals and humans living in the area are not negatively impacted by guayusa farming. .Guayusa. Planting in chakras aids in ecosystem health.


Though we are not yet fair trade certified, our practices meet fair trade requirements. This guarantees that the farmer is being paid fair wages for their product and work, as well as working in a healthy working environment.
We have also made a conscious decision to work with these communities specifically, instead of working with various communities, in order to have a greater impact within the communites. Through working with fewer guayusa farmers, we are able to purchase from them on a regular basis, providing them with a more reliable income from their guayusa leaves. As our business grows, we will work with more communities, but always keeping in mind the idea of quality over quantity. Our goal is to make a real difference, thus we must keep in mind what IMPACT truly means.


Pacha not only purchases Guayusa leaves through fair trade practices, we also work with the communities to help create their own guayusa based products. We believe it is important for small farmers to not only be paid a fair price, but to also be able to create and sell their own products. In Santo Domingo, the indigenous association we work with, UNISHU, sells artisinally dried guayusa leaves, as well as a bottled guayusa drink upon request. With the community in Archidona we are working to launch their own guayusa tea bags, that will be sold in various locations throughout Ecuador.